I’m thinking about writing a book that brings together my research interests on reading new media texts and teaching teachers to use technology in their writing classes, as well as the 10+ years of practical and scholarly editing experience I have with Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy. I can’t be sure until I finish, but I think I have something useful to say about these things. 😉 I’m not really sure how this book will take shape, but this blog is a place to start jotting down thoughts. Please feel free to leave comments to suggest ideas or encourage me to pursue an area within multimodal composition that you’d like to see me address in more depth. For whatever that’s worth.

I’m going to try to use CommentPress, when the thing gets a little closer to taking some shape. I’m also planning on having a mixture of digital media elements and writing, depending on what I feel I need to say/do. I’m not going to commit to any particular form (or press; if it even gets that far), because I don’t really know what my argument is yet. I also want to try out Anthologize, to see if it’s useful for me in this kind of writing situation. We’ll see.

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